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Real GDP Growth Outlook for 2018Q2 at 1.73% (18/June/18)

Recession Indicator

April: The Recession Indicator fell to 4.1%-The Leading index rose for the first time in two months(8/Jun/18)

Japanese Economy Update by Jun Saito

What are the Implications of Postponing Numerical Targets? (4/Jun/18)

The new report discusses possible scenarios of the Korean Peninsula and the stakeholder countries and how Japan could respond to the future situations. The report is an outcome of the JCER's special project with the leading experts on the issues last year. Now full English version available. (04/Jun/18)

JCER Monthly GDP Estimate

Japan's GDP sinks 1.5% in February on export slump: JCER (10/Apr/18)

Asian Economic Policy Review (AEPR)

The 27th conference of Asian Economic Policy Review (AEPR) was held in Tokyo on April 7, 2018 and the issues on "India" were discussed. The working papers are here. (10/Apr/18)

JCER/Nikkei Consensus Survey on Asian Economies

"Renewed Concern over Trump-Related Risks in Asia" (9/Apr/18)
The article of the survey on the Nikkei Asian Review:"'Trump risks' cast shadow over bright Asian outlooks"

Japan Financial Research

New phase of monetary easing has entered its sixth year (6/Apr/18)

The 44th Medium-Term Economic Forecast for the Japanese Economy

Economic Growth through Drastic Changes in How People Work-A Society That Capitalizes on Longevity- (06/Apr/18)

Scholarship fellow for FY2017, Mr. Vanxay Sayavong, has completed his research report titled "Productivity Analysis of Manufacturing Industry in Laos and Lessons Learnt from Japan."
For FY2018, JCER is welcoming a researcher from Myanmar in May.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Japan

Productivity has not been growing in tandem with increasing PhDs in Japan(13/Mar/18)

Short-term Forecast on Asian Economies

Asian export rebound to fuel faster economic growth in 2018 (28/Feb/18)

Medium Term Forecast: Special Report

Inter-generational Equity under the Increasing Longevity (22/Feb/18)

English presentation discussing Japanese economic policy by program trainees (5/Feb/18)

"How should Japan deal with the shrinking population?"
"What should Japan do to achieve fiscal consolidation?"
"How can Japan overcome deflation?"
"What should Japan do to prevent widening of inequality?"

Asian Economic Policy Review (AEPR)

The January 2018 issue of AEPR (Vol. 13, Issue 1) on "Did Abenomics Succeed?" was published. Visit here for more information. (22/Jan/18)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Japan

CO2 Emissions Reduction of 70% by 2050 is Possible with the Introduction of an Environmental Tax(12/Jan/18)

Asian Economic Forecasts: 2017-2030

Digital Asia 5.0 - Innovation changes economic power relationships (Summary) (12/Dec/17)
The forecast was carried in the Nikkei Asian Review

Medium Term Forecast

The 44th Medium-Term Economic Forecast for the Japanese Economy: FY2017-FY2030 (Baseline scenario) No Buds for Growth Found in the Japanese Economy--Labor Share Remains Low, No Investment Acceleration (21/Nov/17)

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