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The article was carried in the Nikkei Asian Review website. New!

Efforts to foster fintech entrepreneurs get rolling (24/Jun/16)

World Business Climate Index New!

April: World climate improves a little even though it is "rainy"
-- The U.S. improves, and signs of recovery for resource rich countries

ESP Forecast

Real GDP Growth for FY2016 at 0.68%
Outlook for FY2017 Turns Up to 0.95% with Delay of Tax Increase

Japanese Economy Update by Jun Saito

Time Inconsistent Fiscal Consolidation (7/June/16)

Short-term Forecast

Summary of the No.166 Quarterly Forecast [2016/4-6---2018/1-3]
Summary report added on June 7, 2016.

JCER Monthly GDP Estimate

Japan's GDP climbed 1% in April (2/Jun/2016)

World Business Climate Index

March: World climeate still remains "rainy"
--Western counties have worsened further, NIEs and ASEAN improve a little

Policy Proposal

Time schedule for tax and social security reform should be prepared within two years (27/APR/16)

The new report analyzes the politics, the economies and the foreign policies of North Korea under Kim Jong-un's regime. It also refers to the situation and future prospects of Japan-South Korea relations. The report is an outcome of JCER's special project last year, which leading experts on the issues joined from Japan and South Korea. Latest information is added. (10/May/2016)

Medium Term Forecast

The 42nd Medium-Term Economic Forecast for the Japanese Economy: FY2015-FY2030 (Final Report) "Thorough Market Opening to Achieve 2% Growth" (26/Apr/16)

The 23rd conference of Asian Economic Policy Review (AEPR) was held in Tokyo in April, 2016. The theme was "Labor, Health and Education in Asia - Analysis of Micro Data." The working papers proposed are found here. (22/Apr/16)

JCER/Nikkei Consensus Survey on Asian Economies

"ASEAN5 4.3%, India 7.7% for 2016, speed up into 2018
-Setback of reforms, further China slowdown seen as big risks"
ASEAN5 and India are set to maintain their current growth rated in 2016 before accelerating into 2018. Setback in expectations for economic reform and further slowdown of Chinese economy are seen as big risks – these are the findings of first survey.
The article of the survey on the Nikkei Asian Review is from here.

Japan Financial Report

"Risks and Challenges for BOJ after breaking through ZLB -Accelerate move toward establishing a "Cashless Society" (13/APR/16)

Asian Economic Forecast: China's Growth 6.4%, ASEAN4 4.3% for 2016

JCER's revised short-term forecast for China and four major Southeast Asian countries was carried in the Nikkei Asian Review website.
China's growth to slow to 6.4% this year, think tank says (28/Jan/2016)

Asian Economic Policy Review (AEPR)

The January 2016 issue of AEPR (Vol. 11, Issue 1) on "the Economics of Sport in Asia" was published. Visit here for more information. (2/Feb/16)

The article was carried in the Nikkei Asian Review website.

Cambodia making a play for more factories (22/Jan/16)

The article was carried in the Nikkei Asian Review website.

Companies flee Bangkok in search of cheap labor (21/Jan/16)

The article was carried in the Nikkei Asian Review website.

In need of foreign funds, North Korea courts tourists (17/Dec/15)

The article was carried in the Nikkei Asian Review website.

In an economic bind, Pyongyang dances around reform (26/Nov/15)

The article was carried in the Nikkei Asian Review website.

US rate hike won't derail Asian growth (7/Jan/16)

The 22nd AEPR conference on "Connectivity and Infrastructure" was held in Tokyo in October, 2015. The conference was reported in the Nikkei Asian Review. The article is here. The working papers proposed are found here. (5/Nov/15)

JCER Seminar: Japan's Economic Prospects 2015

Can a Nation Survive with a Shrinking Population? Jun Saito (27/Oct/15)

JCER Staff Report

Alternative Estimates of China's GDP Deflator: 2015Q3 Update (28/Oct/15)
The estimates of China's GDP deflator and real GDP growth are updated based the July-September data.

China's True Growth Rate: Is It Really 7%? (15/Oct/15)
JCER's own estimates for the controversial China's GDP are different from the figures officially announced by the Chinese government. The GDP growth for April June may be 4.8-6.5%, not 7%. The coverage of the report by the Nikkei Asian Review is found here.

Policy School by Heizo Takenaka

Parsing Japan's latest fiscal and economic blueprint

Asian Economic Forecasts: 2015-2025

JCER released its first Medium-Term Asian Economic Forecast for 2015-25. China's growth rate could fall to 4.1% by 2025 and the downtrend will put a drag on four major Southeast Asian economies, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. The economic integration in the region and the economic reforms are necessary for sustainable growth, it stressed.
The summary of the forecast and the related reports are found here. (17/July/2015)
The forecast was carried in the Nikkei Asian Review. Please visit here. (22/July/2015)

Asia Research Report

ASEAN Economic Integration-How Much Progress Has Been Made ? (4/Jun/15)

Vision 2050

60% Reduction in CO2 Emissions by 2050 Relative to 2005 is Achievable (26/Mar/15)
--30% reduction --matching U.S. Target--by 2030
--Japan must lead international debate on the prevention of global warming

Joint Proposals: Tokyo Financial City Vision

Vitalizing Japan' s Financial and Capital Markets as a Pillar to the New Growth Strategy (16/May/14)
Outline / Joint Proposals

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