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ESP forecast New!

Real GDP Growth Outlook for FY2018 at 1.26%(16/Jan/18)

Recession Indicator New!

November: The Recession Indicator fell to 0.5% (12/Jan/18)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Japan New!

CO2 Emissions Reduction of 70% by 2050 is Possible with the Introduction of an Environmental Tax(12/Jan/18)

Japanese Economy Update by Jun Saito New!

De-Deflation and the Two Percent Inflation Target (9/Jan/18)

JCER Monthly GDP Estimate

Japan's GDP rises 0.8% in November: JCER (29/Dec/17)

JCER/Nikkei Consensus Survey on Asian Economies

"ASEAN5 Outlook Up Again, India Recovering to 7%" (25/Dec/17)
The article of the survey on the Nikkei Asian Review:"Economic picture brightens for ASEAN and India toward 2018".

Medium Term Forecast: Special Report

Slow US Wage Growth Explained - Changing Demographic & Employment Trends (18/Dec/17)

Asian Economic Forecasts: 2017-2030

Digital Asia 5.0 - Innovation changes economic power relationships (Summary) (12/Dec/17)
The forecast was carried in the Nikkei Asian Review

Japan Financial Research

Another Comprehensive Assessment of QQE (27/Nov/17)

Medium Term Forecast

The 44th Medium-Term Economic Forecast for the Japanese Economy: FY2017-FY2030 (Baseline scenario) No Buds for Growth Found in the Japanese Economy--Labor Share Remains Low, No Investment Acceleration (21/Nov/17)

Asian Economic Policy Review (AEPR)

The 26th conference of Asian Economic Policy Review (AEPR) was held in Tokyo on Oct 21, 2017 and the issues on "Changing Global Financial and Trading Systems and Asia" were discussed. The working papers are here. (23/Oct/17)

The new report analyzes geopolitical changes in Northeast Asia, relations between North and South Korea and other countries, and the ways to get through this critical moment. The report is an outcome of JCER's special project last year, which leading experts on the issues joined from Japan, US, Russia, China and South Korea.(13/Oct/17)

JCER's revised short-term forecast for China and four major Southeast Asian countries was carried in the Nikkei Asian Review. (29/Aug/17)

Lecture by Dr. Mireya Solís of the Brookings Institution at JCER

Dilemmas of a Trading Nation: Japan and the United States in the Evolving Asia-Pacific Orderpdf(28/Jul/17)

"Global Leadership Award" was presented to US Vice President

The Mt. Fuji Dialogue, an intellectual exchange program co-organized by JCER and the Japan Institute of International Affairs, presented the Global Leadership Award to His Excellency Michael R. Pence, the 48th Vice President of the United States.Our statement is here.(19/Apr/17)

'Toward a Greater Alliance'

A Policy Proposal of the Mt. Fuji Dialogue Special Task Force (5/Apr/17)

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