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Last Updated Apr 17, 2014
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Medium Term Forecast New!

40th Medium Term Forecast for the Japanese Economy: 2013-2025 (Full text) (16/Apr/14)
Our macroeconomic outlook was posted on Discuss Japan (27/Mar/14)

World Business Climate Index New!

World Climate "rainy" for ten consecutive months -- Severe weather conditions affect Japan and the US (15/Apr/14)

ESP Forecast New!

April Survey: More Moderate Slowdown Than Expected Before (10/Apr/14)

Vision 2050 New!

Maintain Position as a First-tier Nation (Updated 8/Apr/14, Summary added)
--World Economic Map in 2050
--Establish National Targets to Stabilize Population Decline

Three Barriers on the Road to Prosperity (31/May/13)

Japanese Economy Update by Jun Saito New!

Consumption Tax Rate Hike:What Will It Bring To the Japanese Economy (2/Apr/14)

Speech by Dr. Jason Furman, Chairman of the Council of Economic AdvisersNew!

"The U.S. Economy Five Years after the Crisis" (2/Apr/14)

Short-term Forecast New!

No.157 Quarterly Forecast of the Japanese Economy [2014/1-3---2016/1-3] (25/Feb/14)
Summary added on March 7, 2014.

Japan Financial Report

Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing Effects and Associated Risks (13/Dec/13)

Asia Research Report

ASEAN Economy and Corporate Strategies (26/Jun/13)

Global Social Responsibility (GSR) Research

GSR Report 2012 (15/Apr/13)

Discussion Paper

Differentiated Use of Small Business Credit Scoring by Relationship Lenders and Transactional Lenders: Evidence from Firm-Bank Matched Data in Japan New!
Arito Ono, Ryo Hasumi, Hideaki Hirata (17/Apr/14)

European Monetary Integration and Sovereign Debt Crisis
Jun Saito (9/Apr/13)

Central Bank Balance Sheets Expansion: Japan's Experience
Kazumasa Iwata and Shinji Takenaka (31/Jan/12)

Strategy switching in the Japanese stock market
Ryuichi Yamamoto and Hideaki Hirata (01/Feb/12)

Belief changes and expectation heterogeneity in buy- and sell-side professionals in the Japanese stock market
Ryuichi Yamamoto and Hideaki Hirata (01/Feb/12)


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