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Last Updated May 22, 2015
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JCER Seminar: Japan's Economic Prospects 2015 New!

The challenge in achieving fiscal reconstruction and the transition of demographic trends Susumu Kuwahara (26/Jun/15)

World Business Climate Index

April: World climate remains at a standstill
--The EU economy continues to improve, while the US is behind

Policy School by Heizo Takenaka

Concession projects can change Japan (June/15)

ESP Forecast

Real GDP Projection for 2015Q2 at 1.7% -- Pulling Out of Deflation Expected in Long-term Projection (5/Jun/15)

Asia Research Report

ASEAN Economic Integration-How Much Progress Has Been Made ? (4/Jun/15)

Short-term Forecast

No.162 Quarterly Forecast of the Japanese Economy [2015/4-6---2017/1-3] (29/May/15)
Summary added on June 4, 2015.

Japanese Economy Update by Jun Saito

To Enhance the Credibility of the QQE (4/June/15)

JCER Seminar: Japan's Economic Prospects 2015

The First Arrow of Abenomics: Has QQE been exerting its intended effects? Ikuko Samikawa (27/May/15)

Medium-term economic forecast: information in English

The summary article of JCER's current medium-term economic forecast was published in the "Discuss Japan" web magazine on May 12. It proposes to allocate 13 trillion yen to childcare support. The article is found here. The information on the forecast is found here.

The 21st AEPR conference on "The Economics of Sports in Asia" was held in Tokyo in April, 2015. The conference was reported in the Nikkei Asian Review. The article is here. The working papers proposed are found here.

Medium Term Forecast

41st Medium-Term Forecast for the Japanese Economy: 2014-2025 (Revised Final Report) (31/Mar/15)

Vision 2050

60% Reduction in CO2 Emissions by 2050 Relative to 2005 is Achievable (26/Mar/15)
--30% reduction --matching U.S. Target--by 2030
--Japan must lead international debate on the prevention of global warming

Short-term Forecast for China and four major Southeast Asian economies

Indonesia, Philippines economies expected to grow 6%(29/Jan/15)

Japan Financial Report

"Regional Finance in an Age of Population Decline"
"Plunge in New Housing Starts Means Existing Homes Market Expansion Is Key"

Pan Asia-Pacific conference on "Social Security in Aging Asia"

The conference was held as part of a series of biannual meetings to publish the "Asian Economic Policy Review" . About 25 top-level scholars and experts discussed the region's important challenges. It is reported in the media. The proposed working papers are found here.(24/Oct/14)

Speech by Dr. Simon Potter,Executive Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

"Implementation of Open Market Operations in a Time of Transition" (25/Sep/14)

International Conference

An international conference entitled "Abenomics - stock-taking and lessons for the EU" is held on Oct. 8th, by Bruegel, a European think tank located in Brussels. President of JCER, Mr. Kazumasa Iwata attends this conference as a speaker. (25/Sep/14)

Joint Proposals: Tokyo Financial City Vision

Vitalizing Japan' s Financial and Capital Markets as a Pillar to the New Growth Strategy (16/May/14)
Outline / Joint Proposals

Discussion Paper

Differentiated Use of Small Business Credit Scoring by Relationship Lenders and Transactional Lenders: Evidence from Firm-Bank Matched Data in Japan
Arito Ono, Ryo Hasumi, Hideaki Hirata (17/Apr/14)

Asian Economic Policy Review(AEPR)

Vol.10 Issue1
Innovation in East Asia

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