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The Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER) is a nonprofit private research institute established in 1963. Under the rapidly globalizing economic environment, JCER has conducted macroeconomic forecasts from an advanced and long-term perspective as well as researches and studies in various fields: economy, finance, industry, and management. We have been also actively providing policy proposals to both domestic and global issues. JCER is widely connected in academia, government, and industry. About 340 leading companies, organizations and universities mainly in Japan are supporting JCER activities as our members. We are also expanding our global partnership through collaborative researches, seminars and cooperative activities among others.

About Us

Organization Name: Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER)
Date of Establishment: December 23, 1963
President: Kazumasa IWATA
Address: 11F Nikkei Bldg., 1-3-7 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8066 JAPAN

Message from the President

Digital Transformation and Decarbonization for New Growth

Striking a balance between containing COVID-19 and allowing economic activity is now a top priority. Telework, which has become increasingly commonplace amid the pandemic, requires action on healthcare, education, and government, policies and management for accelerating the digital transformation. Japan faces structural issues, such as a declining and aging population. Meanwhile, there is a global trend toward decarbonization, which requires changes in corporate activities and social systems. Under these circumstances, I believe advancing digital transformation in society is key to maintaining economic growth in Japan.

JCER believes that one of its responsibilities as a think tank is to discuss transformation without hesitation even if it may be painful for those involved. We will seek ways to bring together knowledge in Japan and from overseas to find solutions to the domestic and international challenges that Japan now faces.

Kazumasa IWATA

Kazumasa IWATA


What we offer


JCER is highly acclaimed for our broad economic forecast accumulated over the past 50 years – the performance not comparable to other Japanese research institutes’. JCER also launched our Asian economy forecasts as Asian economies are driving the world economic growth.

■ Short-Term Forecast (Issued Quarterly)
■ Medium-term forecast
■ Long-Term Forecast
■ Monthly GDP
■ Monthly Economist Consensus Survey: “ESP Forecast Survey”
■ Medium-term Asia Forecast
■ Consensus Survey on Asian Economies

Policy Proposals & Researches

JCER conducts research in a wide range of fields such as macroeconomies, finance, industry, and management. In 2019, we plan to deliver “The Vision 2060” as long-term forecast and policy proposals. It is a revised version of “The Vision 2050” (2014), which drew a blue print for Japan to maintain position as a first-tier nation. As a part of the project, in September 2016, JCER launched “Study Group for Japan’s Future Society and Economy” to discuss ways to overcome the issues Japan faces in this era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, making full use of Artificial Intelligence, big data and IoT (Internet of Things). Several reports have been released so far on new economic value, possibility of service utilizing ICT, and improvement of labor productivity.

JCER also closely watches the monetary policy of the Bank of Japan, which is now in the sixth year of the new phase of monetary easing, publishes timely reports and policy recommendations.

Policy Proposals

■ “The Vision 2060” (to be delivered in 2019)
■ Japan in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
■ Tax and Pension reform: Responding to Japan’s aging problem
■ Joint Policy Proposal on Industrial Policy with Brookings Institute, USA

Japan Financial Research

■ The BOJ’s Monetary Policy Dilemma
■ Another Comprehensive Assessment of QQE
■ What loss will the BOJ incur if it exits QQE right now?
■ BOJ’s ETF Purchases Expanding Steadily

Asia Research

JCER also focus on hot topics in Asian nations, now especially North Korea and China, and release reports frequently. In 2016, JCER launched “JCER/Nikkei Consensus Survey on Asian Economies”. The survey covers ASEAN 5 and India, which are drawing great attention from Japanese companies.

Asia Research Report
JCER/Nikkei Consensus Survey on Asian Economies

International Activities

Asian Economic Policy Review (AEPR)
JCER publishes the Asian Economic Policy Review (AEPR) twice a year. The aim of this journal is to disseminate intellectual opinions on current issues of international economy and economic policy, based on comprehensive and detailed analyses mainly in Asia. Stress will be placed on identifying key issues at the time – international trade, international finance, environment, energy, integration of regional economies and other issues.

Nikkei Asia Scholarship
In collaboration with the NIKKEI, Inc., JCER offers a scholarship program called “Nikkei Asia Scholarship” and invites mid-career and young researchers from research institutions and universities in Asia.


Activities of the JCER are supported by our distinguished members, including leading companies, organizations and universities mainly in Japan. We are committed to provide members with exclusive, comprehensive economic information, complementing research functions to indispensable for management decision-makings, the networking opportunities for executives and the enrichment of their employee training programs.

Training Program

The training program of the JCER aims to develop our trainees’ economic analytical skills and cultivate their ability to anticipate the future. We are accepting young and mid-career employees from various industries for 1 or 2 years. Over 1,500 graduates have been playing active roles in the business field so far. Some of them are now leaders of major companies and well-acknowledged economists.


The JCER member companies and organizations support JCER projects. JCER regularly provides various economic seminars and symposia to the members. We invite renowned professionals as lecturers from inside and outside the country.


JCER’s “Economic Library,” which carries collections of over 60,000 economic and statistical materials, is open to the public. Our online library catalogue allows our users to easily access to the information they need. We provide wide range of economic information to the users with the cooperation of other special libraries.


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