Corporate Members

For subscription under the name of a company or other corporate body, the number of registered individual members is decided according to the number of subscription lots as described below. Participation in JCER’s activities by companies or corporate bodies should be through registered members.

Corporate Membership Fee (Excluding Consumption Tax )

Admission Fee / 100,000yen

Annual Membership Fee

Number of Lots Fee Number of Registered Members
1-lot 900,000yen 5
2-lot 1,140,000yen 7
3-lot 1,500,000yen 10

Academic Members

JCER has another category for universities, colleges, other schools and libraries or institutions operated by academic organizations.

Academic Membership Fee (Excluding Consumption Tax)

Admission Fee / 100,000yen
Annual Membership Fee / 300,000yen

The number of registered members is three (3).

Registration Procedure

A representative’s name (normally the president of the firm or a corresponding official) should be entered in the registration together with the names of individuals to be registered as members. (Registration forms will be sent upon request.)

Membership Inquiry Form


Participation in JCER Activities

  • Forecast Report Meeting (participation is limited to registered members)
  • Seminars, Briefing on White Papers, Lectures & so on; Preference is given to registered members; participation
    charge for non-members is 8,000 yen per session.
  • Joint Business Forums & Symposia with the Nikkei(preference is given to registered members)
  • Breakfast Meetings (participation is limited to the representatives of companies with corporate membership)

Access to Materials

All books and other resource materials in JCER’s library are available to registered members for reference.

Distribution of Publications

JCER sends the publications listed below to Corporate Members.

  • Results of medium-term and long-term forecasts
  • Reports on JCER’s own research and joint research
  • Asian Economic Policy Review(AEPR)