JCER regularly holds seminars, lectures and study groups on current topics dealing with the domestic and international economy, industry, finance and energy. More than 100 such seminars are held in a year, mainly in Tokyo and Osaka. Audiences are often very pleased with the caliber of speakers and lecturers that have presented at these seminars.


JCER offers a variety of seminars geared to disseminating the latest information on the Japanese and world economies to assist in the economic analysis activities of members, many of whom compile forecasts of their own.

General Seminars

JCER holds lectures and seminars two to three times a week (including those at the Osaka branch) for mainly Corporate Members. They are held with the participation of prominent Japanese and non-Japanese economists, professors and Journalists for an hour and half. This program has earned high praise, particularly from those involved in macroeconomic analysis and economic forecasting. Furthermore, from time to time, JCER offers special courses focusing on structural problems of the Japanese economy, and on Asia and China Research. These provide a forum for economists and specialists to exchange views.

Symposia on economic conditions “Keiki Toronkai” are sponsored jointly with Nikkei Inc. and are held 7 times a year in Tokyo, Osaka and other major cities. Highly popular, priority in attendance is given to members of JCER. These symposia are known for their in-depth analysis by prominent economists from both the private and public sectors.

Breakfast Meetings

JCER holds a Breakfast Meeting for the top executives of its corporate members, 5 times a year in Tokto. Distinguished guests such as the governor of the Bank of Japan or a Cabinet minister are also invited to these meetings.

Economic Trends Study Groups(optional)

JCER regularly provides a forum, in the form of a study group, for a limited number of researchers to discuss on trends in the economy. In Tokyo, there are two study groups on business conditions which meet every second month.


Prominent speakers from overseas include;
Prof. Richard Cooper, Harvard University (Former US Under-Secretary of State)
Prof. Martin Feldstein, President of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
Prof. Joseph E. Stiglitz, Columbia University
Prof. Robert Glenn Hubbard, Columbia University
Prof. Robert A. Scalapino, the University of California, Berkeley