Training Programs

JCER provides a training program for junior staff delegates mainly from corporate members to develop their skills as business economists through practical training in economic analysis and forecasting, and in financial research. There are four types of programs: a one-year and two-year courses for “Economic Forecasting”,“Financial Research”, “Industrial Research” and “Business Research”. JCER’s training program has been active for almost half a century and has sent over 1500 graduates back into society to assume prominent roles in business economics.

In the first quarter of the program (April to June), the trainees master the fundamentals of economic analysis and forecasting. An intensive over 200-hour study curriculum covers about 20 disciplines, including statistics, econometrics, micro- and macro-economics. The degree of difficulty of these courses is equivalent to that of advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate level courses at a university economics department. Professors from renowned universities as well as economic specialists in their respective fields give the lectures.

Economic Forecasting Team

Delegated trainees, upon completion of their basic study are assigned to either the short-, medium- or long-term economic forecasting team. Forecasts are released quarterly for the short-term forecast group, and once a year for the medium and long- term forecast groups. A research monitor is assigned to supervise the progress of each group.

Financial Research Team

Based in detailed data systems, the team conducts an analysis of the current state of financial institution management and financial systems, and market analysis encompassing interest rates and exchange rates. Participants acquire the ability to analyze management from a micro-economic perspective coupled with macro-economic analysis skills. The trainees master the fundamental financial theory and economy, and analyze the behavior of financial market and the problem of the financial system.

Industrial Research Team

Trainees will acquire the basics of industrial research – using and interpreting statistics, and evaluating business conditions. Subsequently, participants are required to write industry-specific reports, focusing on potential growth assuming new technologies and changes in government policies.

Business Research Team

The program aims to cultivate qualities that lead to practical thinking and decision-making. After acquiring the basics of strategic management, trainees are required to create their own business case studies for their final assignment, focusing on specific companies and business models. Trainees will learn and demonstrate skills needed for problem solving, and to analyze business consequences of a company’s investment strategy.

Overseas Training

If two-year course trainees hope, JCER will provide opportunities to conduct research abroad. After the training JCER can send trainees to prominent overseas research institutions such as the Conference Board for a year.

Through these activities, the participants have a unique opportunity to develop personal and business relationships with other trainees and researchers from different industries, backgrounds and experiences.