Site Policy

Site Policy

Welcome to the website of Japan Center for Economic Research. This Site, including the FacebookTM page linked from the front page of this Site, is operated and maintained by the Japan Center for Economic Research (hereafter “Center” or “We”). Please read carefully the following terms and conditions below before using the site. Using the site, you must agree to comply with the Agreement below. The Center may change the terms and conditions without notice. We also fully assume you completely understand the above-mentioned before your use.



All information, opinions and estimates expressed on the Site are current as of the date of publication, are subject to change without notice, and may become outdated. We do not make any warranties about the accuracy and completeness. Some links posted on this site will let you leave Our site. Those linked sites are not under the control of the Center; We are not responsible for the contents of any linked site, any losses and disputes caused by your use of such linked sites.

The Center may change or discontinue a part of or the whole contents and service on the Site without notice. We shall assume no responsibility or liability for any damage and dispute as a result of the use of our Site or the unavailability of any content on the Site.

We, in general, recommend you to view our Site through the following browsers (their latest versions): Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari. We do not make any warranties about your use of Our Site under any other viewing environment and your customized settings.



The copyright of any text, photograph, illustration, visual image, audio and other content provided on the Site belongs to the Center or legitimate third parties. You must obtain a prior written consent of the Center or those third parties holding the rights before you use any materials provided on this Site beyond your personal use or the ways permitted by the Copyright Law, including reproduction, editing, translation, adaptation, broadcasting, publication, sales, rental, public transmission, making the materials be on transmittable status. Without Our prior consent, you are prohibited from taking any actions which may infringe the copyright of the Center, including the upload of this Site’s contents for any blog, SNS, electronic mailing list, electronic bulletin board (except for the share function of FacebookTM service).

Any use beyond the scope of the above Agreement shall require the permission of and a separate license granted from the Center.

Links from Third-Party Websites to the Site

If you wish to provide a link from your website to the Site, you may do so under the following terms and conditions. You are strictly prohibited from providing a link to the Site from any website that contains the following:

any content that offends public order and morality,

any illegal content,

any obscene or pornographic content,

any content that defames or impairs the reputation or credibility of the Center or any person concerned with the Center, or

from any website of an entity possibly having such intent. You are prohibited from providing a link to the Site in electronic mail that contain the above content either.

You are also strictly prohibited from linking this Site with other websites in the ways possibly not permitted by the Copyright Law, including the display of this Site within the frames of other websites.

The Center makes no warranties in connection with any link provided by you to the Site. We may also change the URLs of Our materials on this Site without any notice. The Center assumes no responsibility, liability or obligation with respect to the users of your website.


Privacy Policy

This privacy policy declares the following our rules to deal with the personal information collected by the Japan Center for Economic Research (hereafter “Center” or “We”) in the membership registrations, seminars and other events.

Protection of Personal Information

  1. The Center appropriately collect, deal with and provide the personal information only within the necessity for Our activities. In principle, We do not deal with the personal information beyond that necessity without obtaining prior permission by the clients of the Center (hereafter “Clients”). We will take necessary measures to fulfill that purpose.
  2. The Center complies with the laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information in Japan as well as rules and guidelines provided by the Japanese government.
  3. The Center appropriately deals with the personal information taking necessary measures to prevent any unauthorized access to the personal information, theft, loss, destruction, falsification or divulgence of such personal information or to preclude any similar incidents from happening. It will take immediate remedial actions if any of such incidents occurs.
  4. The Center will receive and respond to the Clients’ complaints and questions about Our policy to govern the personal information and its protection.
  5. The Center will continuously review and improve its policy, structure, internal rules, and other systems for protection of the personal information responding to any changes in the concerning laws and regulations in Japan.



The Center may exceptionally change Our policy to comply with the laws and regulations applied in the Clients’ residence (e.g., GDPR (EU) 2016/679).

We may periodically modify a part or all of the above statement. We post any major change We make to Our privacy policy on Our website before such cases.


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