Asia and the World
  JCER's activities in Asia and the world range from economic forecasts to international conferences and human resource exchange programs.


Short-term Forecast on Asian Economies

Launched in 2015, JCER's short-term forecast on Asian economies covers China and four ASEAN countries - Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. It is released twice a year.

Medium-term Forecast on Asian Economies

Started in 2015, the medium-term forecast foresees the economies of China and the four ASEAN countries for 10 years ahead. It is announced every year.

JCER/Nikkei Consensus Survey on Asian Economies

Started in 2016, the quarterly survey shows the short-term prospects for five ASEAN countries and India. The survey is linked to and analyzed with Nikkei's similar survey on Chinese economy.
Started in 2008, the index is released monthly. It shows the short-term trend of the world economy.


Asian Research Reports

JCER Staff Reports


JCER launched an English journal entitled "Asian Economic Policy Review" (AEPR) in June 2006. The journal aims to be an intellectual voice on the current issues of international economics and economic policy. It is published twice a year from Wiley-Blackwell.
A conference is held for each issue to have comprehensive discussions and in-depth analyses. Visit the Journal Homepage for more information.


Initiated by Nikkei Inc. and JCER in 2006, the program invites promising researchers/economists from Asian countries and provides them opportunities of studying in Japan. The maximum duration of the scholarship is one year.


JCER holds and co-sponsors international conferences on the global economy, the international relations and many other topics. It also develops joint research activities with other foreign research institutes.