JCER runs a non-profit publishing operation for subscribers specializing in economic forecasts and economic research reports. The JCER Bulletin is issued monthly, covering details of research projects, and reviewing seminars, lectures and study courses that the JCER has held. These publications are not available in book stores.


Short-term Economic Forecasts

Quarterly Forecast of Japan's Economy extended to 2 years
(English summary, 4 times / year)

Medium-term Economic Forecasts

5-10 Year Forecast of Japan's Economy
(English summary, once / year)

Long-term Economic Forecasts

20-30 Year Forecast of Japan's Economy
(English summary)

Japan Financial Report

(English summary, twice / year)

Industry Research Report

(English summary)

Asia Research Report

(English, once / year)

China Research Report

(English, once / year)

Asian Economic Policy Review

JCER Staff Report

(English, once / month)

Discussion Papers

(English versions of selected papers)

The Japan Center for Economic Research Bulletin

JCER publishes 12 bulletins a year (monthly, on the 1st) containing summaries of seminars held by JCER, research abstracts and columns covering various economic issues.

JCER Economic Journal

JCER issues an academic journal on the Japanese economy twice or three times a year; contributors include inside research staff and outside contributors. (mostly Japanese)