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Japanese Economy Update                                             

By Jun Saito
Senior Research Fellow
Japan Center for Economic Research

Back Numbers of Japanese Economy Update (June 2013-)

Date Title PDF
August/6/18 Non-QQE Monetary Easing with a Relaxed YCC
July/5/18 Can Japan Attract Unskilled Foreign Workers?
June/4/18 What are the Implications of Postponing Numerical Targets?
May/1/18 Economic Impact of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics:How would it compare with 1964?
April/9/18 Equity, Growth, and the Size of the Government:Trilemma facing Japan
March/5/18 Negative Interest Rate Policy and the Spring Wage Round
February/13/18 Concentration to Tokyo and Agglomeration
January/9/18 De-Deflation and the Two Percent Inflation Target
December/11/17 Widening of Inequality in Japan: Its Implications
November/15/17 How Private are They? Privatization in Japan
October/23/17 "Macroeconomic Slide" Mechanism of the Japanese Pension System
September/4/17 What OECD and IMF recommend to Japan
August/8/17 Why is Japan's inward FDI so low?
July/11/17 Wages rise where it should: Market mechanism at work
June/6/17 A Reader's Guide to the Long-Term Fiscal Projections
May/8/17 The Latest Population Projection for Japan
April/6/17 Deregulation of the Energy Sector: Its Achievements and the Remaining Agenda
March /8/17 Highlight of the 2017 Spring Wage Round Drawing Near
February/9/17 Applying FTPL to Japan
January/11/17 SNA Revision: Has the picture of the Japanese economy changed?
December/9/16 Beware of a Protectionism Spiral
November/8/16 Whatever Happened to the Portfolio Rebalancing Effect?
October/4/16 On the IMF's Recommendation of an Incomes Policy
September/2/16 Are the views of the Government and the BOJ consistent?
August/5/16 Reinforcing the three arrows
July/11/16 Brexit's impact on Japanese economy
June/7/16 Time Inconsistent Fiscal Consolidation
May/10/16 What Is Required to Achieve "Equal Pay for Equal Work"?
April/12/16 Does Japan have a fiscal space?
March/10/16 Track Record of the Shunto
February/9/16 What Should We Make of the QQE-NIR?
January/8/16 Ways to Overcome the Limited Growth of Wages
December/9/15 Minimum Wage Increase as a Structural Policy
November/4/15 Will the Winter Bonus be a Savior?
October/6/15 Agenda for the Second Stage of Abenomics
September/3/15 Private consumption and pension reform
August/3/15 What the New Demographic Data Tell Us
July/3/15 How Productive is the Japanese Manufacturing Sector?
June/3/15 To Enhance the Credibility of the QQE
May/13/15 Implications of Abenomics for Asia
April/3/15 Wage Increase and Industrial Composition
March/6/15 Tertiary Education in Japan: How it Looks Globally
February/2/15 Three Ways to Consolidate the Fiscal Situation
January/5/15 The New Era of Negative Household Savings Rate
December/1/14 What Should the Target Be? : Oil Prices and Monetary Policy
November/6/14 Net Lending by the Corporate Sector: The Case of Japan
October/7/14 Current Economic Situation: An Assessment
September/2/14 Secular Stagnation: Its relevance to Japan
August/4/14 The Japanese Pension System: Its Long-Term Prospects
July/4/14 Labor Market Tightening: Not a Ceiling for Growth
June/3/14 Export Performance under Depreciation
May/7/14 Recovery from a crisis: US and Japan
Apr/2/14 Consumption Tax Rate Hike:What Will It Bring To the Japanese Economy
MAR/3/14 The Importance of "Base-Ups" for Abenomics
FEB/4/14 Can We Do Without a Macro-Prudential Policy Framework?
JAN/7/14 Is Victory Over Deflation in Sight?
DEC/3/13 Can Immigration Save Japan?
NOV/3/13 The Future of the Current Account Balance
OCT/3/13 The Olympic Games to be held in a super aged society
SEP/3/13 Shouldn't We Raise the Consumption Tax Rate?
AUG/6/13 How well is Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing doing?
JUL/3/13 The Difficult Homework Due After the Election
JUN/5/13 Waiting Eagerly for the Growth Strategy