Discussion Papers
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  No.141: Differentiated Use of Small Business Credit Scoring by Relationship Lenders and Transactional Lenders: Evidence from Firm-Bank Matched Data in Japan
Arito Ono, Ryo Hasumi, Hideaki Hirata (APR/14)

  No.139: European Monetary Integration and Sovereign Debt Crisis
Jun Saito (APR/13)

  No.136: Belief changes and expectation heterogeneity in buy- and sell-side professionals in the Japanese stock market
Ryuichi Yamamoto and Hideaki Hirata (FEB/12)

  No.135: Strategy switching in the Japanese stock market
Ryuichi Yamamoto and Hideaki Hirata (FEB/12)

  No.134: Central Bank Balance Sheets Expansion: Japan's Experience
Kazumasa Iwata and Shinji Takenaka(JAN/12)

  No.120: Management Practices and Firm Performance in Japanese and Korean Firms-Empirical Study Using Interview Survey(JUN/09)
Related content:Management Practices and Firm Performance in Japanese and Korean Firms-An Empirical Study Using Interview Surveys-(RIETI)
  No.117: Japan's Economic Growth and Information Technology: Potential despite Fumbled Innovation
Akihiko Shinozaki(OCT/08)
  No.115: China's Business Cycles and Early Warning Indicators
Nariyasu Yamasawa(JUL/08)
  No.112: Measuring Organization Capital in Japan-An Empirical Assessment Using Firm-Level Data-
Tsutomu Miyagawa and YoungGak Kim(MAR/08)
  No.111: A Comparative Analysis of Productivity Growth and Productivity Dispersion:Microeconomic Evidence Based on Listed Firms from Japan, Korea, and China
Keiko Ito, Moosup Jung, Young Gak Kim and Tangjun Yuan(MAR/08)
  No.110: International Comparison of the TFP Levels of Japanese, Korean and Chinese Listed Firms
Kyoji Fukao, Tomohiko Inui, Shigesaburo Kabe and Deqiang Liu(MAR/08)
  No.105: Behavior of Japanese, Western, and Asian MNCs in Thailand:Lessons for Japanese MNCs
Peter Brimble and Shujiro Urata(SEP/06)
  No.104: Ownership, Foreign Investment and Productivity -A Case Study of the Automotive Industry in China-
Deqiang Liu and Yanyun Zhao(AUG/06)
  No.103: Production Networks in East Asia: Strategic Behavior by Japanese and U.S. firms
Mitsuyo Ando, Sven W. Arndt and Fukunari Kimura(AUG/06)
  No.102: Capital Structure Choice of the Foreign Affiliates of Japanese Multinational Firms: Characteristics and Problems
Yasuhiro Yonezawa, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Takeshi Yamamoto and Tomonari Nambu(AUG/06)
  No.101: Strategies for Intellectual Property and Preventing Technology Leakage in China: A Comparison of Strategies Used in Japan, America, and Europe
Yoshio Iteya and Makoto Endo(AUG/06)
Rene Belderbos(AUG/06)
  No.99: Do Japanese Firms Fail to Catch up in Localization? An Empirical Analysis Based on Affiliate-level Data of Japanese Firms and a Case Study of Automobile Industry in China
Kyoji Fukao,Keiko Ito,Shigesaburo Kabe,Deqiang Liu and Fumihide Takeuchi(AUG/06)
  No.98: International Human Resources Management of Japanese, American, and European Firms in Asia: The Roles of Headquarters and Subsidiaries
Hiromichi Shibata and Andrew Doyle(AUG/06)
  No.97: Competitive Interactions between Global Competitors: The Entry Behavior of Korean and Japanese Multinational Firms
Sea-Jin Chang and Andrew Delios(AUG/06)
  No.96: The Theories of International Outsourcing and Integration: A Theoretical Overview from the Perspective of Organizational Economics
Hideshi Itoh(AUG/06)
  No.90: A Comparative Study of Regional Labour Dynamics in Japan
Masaaki Kawagoe (DEC/04)
  No.88: Does the Creative Business Promotion Law Enhance SMEs' Capital Investments?Evidence from a Panel Dataset of Unlisted SMEs in Japan
Nobuyuki Harada and Yuji Honjo (OCT/03)
  No.81: Potential Entrepreneurship in Japan
Nobuyuki Harada (NOV/02)
  No.77: AFTA in the Dynamic Perspective of Asian Trade
Tran Van Tho (Apr/02)
  No.75: Does the IT Revolution Contribute to Japanese Economic Growth?
Tsutomu Miyagawa Yukiko Ito and Nobuyuki Harada (MAR/02)