Research and Policy Proposals
JCER's researches cover various fields including macro economy, finance, and industries on Japanese, Asian and global economies. A number of reports have been published.
The policy proposals are mainly made on Japanese economy based on the institute's advanced researches and analyses. The "Vision 2050"report on Japanese economy, published in 2014, draws a blueprint for the revitalization of the country's economy. It was released as a part of the projects to commemorate the 50th anniversary of JCER. Follow-up studies and proposals are being made.


Vision 2050 (2014 Report)

Policy Proposals


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JCER also carries out research on a contractual basis on the request of domestic and foreign government agencies, so long as the theme of the research is relevant to JCER's research objectives. Some recent examples of studies that have been undertaken are
Prospects for the Japanese Enterprises in the 21st Century
The Model for Policy Simulations
Studies on Japanese Financial Affairs


Please visit the archives page to find the researches and policy proposals released in the past.