Joint Policy Proposal with International Think Tanks(OCT/09)

JCER has made "Joint Policy Proposal" with The Brookings Institution and Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations(ICRIER).

With The Brookings Institution & JCER

"U.S. "Industrial Policy": The Bail-out of GM and Chrysler"

Mr. Robert W. Crandall
Nonresident Senior Fellow
The Brookings Institution
"Government, Business and Markets after the Lehman Shock:A Review of Aid to the Business Sector in Japan"
Takao Komine
Senior Economist
Japan Center for Economic Research


"G-20: In Search Of A Role in Global Governance"
Dr. Rajiv Kumar
Director & CE
Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations

"Japan as a Bridge between the Developed and Newly Emerging Economies"
Akira Kojima
Senior Fellow
Japan Center for Economic Research

About The Brookings Institution

The Brookings Institution traces its beginnings to 1916 as the first private organization devoted to analyzing public policy issues at the national level. Over the past 90 years, as a nonprofit public policy organization, Brookings has contributed to landmark achievements in public policy, including organization of the United Nations, design of the Marshall Plan, creation of the Congressional Budget Office, deregulation, broad-based tax reform, welfare reform and the design of foreign aid programs.

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About Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER)

ICRIER established in Aug. 1981, as an independent Research Institute. With around 50 economists, ICRIER is producing broad policy-oriented researches in economies and industries from fair and neutral standpoints. Prime Minister Dr.Mammohan Singh, Former RBI governor Dr.C.Rangarajan and Dr.J.Bhagwati, the professor of Columbia Univ. are founding members of ICRIER.

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