Researcher Reports
  JUN The Bank of Japan Can Continue Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing for Only Two More Years: The Adoption of Negative Interest Rates Is Proposed
——Eliminating the Zero Lower Bound is Crucial
(Discuss Japan)
  JUN Interview: Preventing Deflationary Pressure from Flaring Up Again
—— Investors Placing Funds in Assets Other Than Government Bonds
(Discuss Japan)
  JUN Efforts to foster fintech entrepreneurs get rolling (Nikkei Asian Review)
  OCT Alternative Estimates of China's GDP Deflator: 2015Q3 Update
  OCT China's True Growth Rate: Is It Really 7%?
  OCT Growing sovereign risk may boost JGB yields to 10%, with foreign holdings seen rising to 20% -30% sometime between '18 and '28
  FEB Will the negative wealth effect, from falling home values, lead to less consumption growth?
Yes, and with a slow recovery in income growth, the result is a drawn out overall recovery
  JAN Wavering choices of the U.S. regarding the alternative energy to oil
  DEC U.S. pushing ahead with trans-Pacific trade negotiations,early resolution unlikely
  NOV Immigration expected to help sustain replenishing the U.S. labor force
  SEP U.S. housing market--Bumping along the bottom, but not "Japanized"?
  AUG Midsummer Course Correction
--Investors and businesses in US following already bearish households
  JUL Food Prices Booming, So Why Are Farm Values Sinking?
  APR Showa Depression: a Prescription for "Once in a Century Crisis"
  JAN Uneven Distribution of Physicians: Projections by Prefecture
  DEC Imports from Asia Lead Economic Conditions in Japan
  AUG Does a Tax-financed Public Pension System Favor Corporations?
  JUL Warning Indicators Suggest the Downturn of the Chinese Economy
  JUN South Korea Steps up Efforts to Halt the Falling Birthrate
  MAY Rich Women Pay for Time
  MAY Ending Dependence on Corporations for Local Tax Revenues
  MAY Prospects of a Work Time Savings System
  MAY Do MBOs Pay Sufficient Premiums?
  APR Increasing Difficulty in China's Economic Management
  FEB Can IT Help Prevent Climate Change?
  FEB Let's Give More Support to Mothers and Children
  JAN Information Economy Analyses: What Do We Know about Japan?
  JAN Business Indicators That Mislead Forecasters
  DEC A Long-term Comparison of Productivity in the Manufacturing Industries of the United States and Japan
  DEC Delicate Maneuvering Needed in Recovering Public Funds from Banks
  DEC Examining Japan's Expansion from the Viewpoint of Industrial Structure
  OCT Australia Moves Ahead in the Export of Education
  OCT Small Supply of Risk Funds in Japan
  SEP China's Manufacturing Future Rests on the Development of Original Technologies
  SEP Signs of a Structural Change in Indian Trade
  AUG Relative Resource Prices on the Rise
  JUL Home Purchases Increasing Among Women in Their Thirties
  JUL Japan's Low Investment in Intangible Assets
  JUL Chinese Banking Reform Requires Greater Competition
  JUN Japanese Firms Raise Value through Cross-border M&As
  JUN Business-Cycle Synchronicity Strengthens Between Japan and Asia
  JUN Japan's Labor Productivity Only 61 Percent of the United States'
  JUN The Need for "Moderate" Projections in Moving Toward Sound Public Finance
  JUN Asia's Government-Linked Companies on Course to Becoming New Sources of Friction
  MAY Optimists Continue to Win in Economic Forecasts
  APR The Measurement of "Affluence" in a Deflationary Economy
  APR Diversity Desired in the Copyrights Protection System
  APR Megabanks Boast High Capital Accumulation Strength
  MAR Use of "Market Testing" Competitive Bidding to Tighten Scrutiny of Government Actions
  MAR Chinese Health Care System Reform at a Crossroads
  FEB Antidumping Measures by Europe and the U.S. Against China are Problematic
  FEB The Productivity Effects of Shakeouts in the Non-manufacturing Sector
  FEB Adam Smith Saw Through the Inherent Flaws in the Joint-Stock Company System
  JAN India: Higher Saving Rate Holds the Key to a Sustained Growth
  JAN Cultural and Human Exchanges in East Asia Are Expanding
  DEC Flattening of the Yield Curve May Be in the Offing
  NOV International Comparison: Managerial Practices of Japanese Affiliates in Thailand
  OCT The Chinese Stock Market Picks Up Thanks to Reform
  OCT Competitiveness Under a High-Burden Economy: Case Study of Nokia
  OCT Economic Recovery to Reduce Income Inequality
  OCT Has Japan's Labor Share Bottomed?
  SEP Depositors' Bank Selection Behavior: Depositors Demand Slightly Higher Interest Rates from Banks Whose Financial Health Is Not Sound
  SEP Tax Revenues Could be a Big Swing Factor: Potential Exists for Accelerated Improvement in Fiscal Balance
  AUG The Choices During Recession: Responding with Experience Rather than Introduction of New Technology
  AUG Measuring the Costs of an Asian Currency Unit
  AUG An Analysis:Quantitative Easing Policy Was Effective in Buoying the Japanese Economy
  JUL Will the Aging Population Accelerate Service Expenditures Growth?
  JUN Analyzing Benefit and Burden of Japan's Social Welfare by Age Group: Cutbacks in Preferential Treatment of the Elderly Urgently Needed
  APR "Childcare Insurance" to Fight the Falling Birthrate -An Effective Response to Demand for Expanded Daycare Too-
  APR Hong Kong's Competitiveness Still Shines 10 Years After Its Reversion to China
  APR "Good M&As" Tend to Involve Foreign Companies, While Domestic Mergers Produce Few Productivity Gains
  APR When Will Major Banks Contribute to Tax Revenues?
  MAR Are Japanese Companies Closed in Their Local Procurement Practices?---A Case Study of Auto Makers Operating in China
  FEB Japan's IC Exports to China Dominated by Low Priced Products: "Value-added Manufacturers" Demystified
  FEB Outlook for Elderly Employment in Japan--- Extended Employment Policy Might Halve Retirement at Age 60
  FEB Road Improvement Revenue Sources Should be Transferred to Local Governments:Allow Them to Decide Whether to Categorize as General Revenue
  JAN Promotion of Employee Participation in Corporate Governance in Japan through Institutionalizing the Supervisory Board: Implications and Lessons from German Experience
  JAN Does Japan's Bond Administration System Remain "Hollow Words" in the New Company Law as Well?
  DEC Medical Expenditure: "Saving Account"Recommended for an Aging Society---Ministry Plan Not Effective in Curbing Medical Expenditure
  DEC High Crude Oil Price Invigorates the Russian Economy---But, Drilling May Slow
  DEC Lack of Effectiveness of Local Content Requirements in Increasing Local Procurements by Foreign Affiliates:Implications for Extending the Length of Operation through Political Stability
  NOV Japan's Surging Appetite for Indian Stocks, Scene of Swelling Risk Too
  NOV "Valuation Effects" Stabilizing Changes in Net External Assets
  NOV Investment Funds Target Cash Rich Firms---Foreign Share Ownership Not To Be Overlooked As a Factor
  SEP Signs of Recovery in Export Volume---Judgments Impacted by Seasonal Adjustment
  SEP Has Japan Really Seen a Decline in Part-Time Workers?
  AUG Does Globalization Smooth Income Growth?---The Facts Revealed by Differences in GDP and GNP
  AUG English Education for Elementary School Students:Issues Viewed from Parent Hopes, Cram School Attendance
  JUN Life Insurance Company Failures and Policyholder Protection
  JUN Deflation and Inventory Investment
  JUN Private Health Care Insurance Shouldering Risk at the Individual Level
  APR Causes of decline in labor's share in Japan
  MAR Determinants of competitiveness in the tourism industry
  FEB Textile Trade Liberalization: Concerns about Widening Gaps among ASEAN Nations
  DEC "End to Corporate Restructuring" is a Prerequisite for Ending Zero-Interest Rates
  DEC To What Degree Can the Effects of Reverse Mortgages Be Anticipated?---Declining social insurance benefit expenses and anticipation of reverse mortgages
  DEC Econometric Analysis of Happiness
  NOV Decreasing Dependence of Japanese-affiliated Manufacturers in China on Third Countries
  SEP Have Banks' Additional Lending Led to Inefficient Investment?
  AUG Corporate Pension after Pension System Reform
  AUG Effect of Separation of Medical and Dispensary Services
  AUG Division in Affluence?: Gap of Household Assets Widening Rapidly
  JUL Interpreting household fund deficit
  JUL Globalization of Production of Electronic Machinery
  MAR the risk of an in-house savings plan is increasing
  FEB Public Hospitals Waste Tax money
  NOV Does the Rise in Long-Term Interest Rates Reflect the Economic Recovery?
  NOV Japan's 2002 "IT Ranking" falls to 18th place, behind South Korea and Taiwan
  NOV How Undervalued is the Chinese Yuan? A New Examination of Purchasing Power Parity
  OCT Does the rise in stock prices reflect a true recovery in the Japanese economy?
  SEP Has the Japanese Household Savings Rate Really Changed?
  AUG Will Japanese Households Invest in Risky Assets More Aggressively?
  JUL A Comparison of Health Care Technology: Why is the Treatment so different across countries?
  JUN Has Inefficient Financial Intermediary Function Caused Prolonged Stagnation of the Economy?
  JUN Did the Japanese saving ratio decline sharply in 2000-2001 in terms of the actual economy?
  JUN Free Trade Agreement negotiations urge the export of Japanese Agricultural Produce - An Urgent Review of Japan's Agricultural Administration
  JUN Why Did Profitability Decline in the 1990s? - Decomposition of Rates of Return to Capital
  MAY Bipolarization of financial conditions among the jobless families
  MAY Are Japanese Exports Competitive? The Structural Change in Comparative Advantage
  APR Are Health Checkups Effective in Reducing Hospitalization Risks?