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Asian Economic Policy Review (Vol. 17 Issue 2)

Digital Finance in Asia

2022-07/29, Published

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Summary of this issue

In light of the current progress in the digitization of various financial services, active discussions were held on the latest trends and future prospects in Asia. Specifically, the topics covered included the fintech situation in Japan and China, the use of big data by central banks in Asian countries, and the trend of digital currency in China.

Articles in this issue

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Digital Finance in Asia: Editors’ Overview
 Yiping HUANG (Peking University)
 Takatoshi ITO (Columbia University)
 Kazumasa IWATA (Japan Center for Economic Research)
 Colin MCKENZIE (Keio University)
 Shujiro URATA (Waseda University)


Fintech and Financial Inclusion in Southeast Asia and India
  Peter MORGAN (Asian Development Bank Institute)

Measuring Digital Financial Inclusion in Emerging Market and Developing Economies: A New Index
 Purva KHERA (International Monetary Fund)
 Stephanie NG (International Monetary Fund)
 Sumiko OGAWA (International Monetary Fund)
 Ratna SAHAY (International Monetary Fund)

Developments and Implications of Central Bank Digital Currency: The Case of China e-CNY
  Jiangou XU (Peking University)

Big Data in Asian Central Banks
 Giulio CORNELLI (Bank for International Settlement)
 Sebastian DOERR(Bank for International Settlement)
 Leonardo GAMBACORTA(Bank for International Settlements)
 Bruno TISSOT(Bank for International Settlement)

Chinese Fintech Innovation and Regulation
 Martin CHORZEMAN (Peterson Institute of International Economics)
 Yiping HUANG (Peking University)

Why FinTech Is Not Changing Japanese Banking
 Naoyuki IWASHITA (Kyoto University)

Takatoshi ITO: Professor, Columbia University
Kazumasa IWATA: President, Japan Center for Economic Research
Shujiro URATA: Professor, Waseda University

Managing Editor
Colin MCKENZIE: Professor, Keio University

Associate Editors
Muhammad Chatib BASRI (Indonesia): Senior Lecturer, University of Indonesia
Hal HILL (Australia): Professor, Australian National University
Yiping HUANG (China): Professor, Peking University
Cassey LEE (Singapore): Senior Fellow, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute
Jong-Wha LEE (Korea): Professor, Korea University
Haruko NOGUCHI (Japan): Professor, Waseda University
Marcus NOLAND(USA): Executive Vice President and Director of Studies, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Somkiat TANGKITVANICH(Thailand): President, Thailand Development Research Institute