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Recession Indicator

<Reference value>June: The Recession Indicator marks 24%

- The Leading Index recorded the largest ever rise

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  The Recession Indicator (reference value*) in June 2020 marks 24.0% (Figure 1). The probability declined from last month because the Leading Index as the underlying data of calculation, have risen the largest ever since statistics have started, due to improvements in consumer confidence, inventory ratio of final demand goods, and growth in money stock (M2), and others. On July 30, the Cabinet Office tentatively assigned October 2018 as the "peak" in the expansion phase that began in December 2012. According to the ESP forecast released by Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER), the number of economists responding that the "trough" is May 2020 increase. Thus, the behavior of the recession probability suggests that the economy has got out of a recession, prior to the trend of the real economy.

【Figure 1. The Recession Indicator (June 2020, Reference value)】

【Table 1. The Recession Indicator and the Leading Index (over the last year)】

  * The Recession Indicator has been calculated as a reference value since the release in April 2020. Please click here for more details.


March: The Recession Indicator fell to 25.8%

- The Leading Index rose for the first time in three months

Yoshiki Shimoda


February: The Recession Indicator rose to 65.7%

- The Indicator rose to near warning level

Yoshiki Shimoda


January: The Recession Indicator rose to 24.7%

- The Leading Index fell for the first time in four months

Yoshiki Shimoda


December: The Recession Indicator marked 5.0%

- The Leading Index rose for three consecutive months

Yoshiki Shimoda


November: The Recession Indicator fell to 10.0%

- The Leading Index rose for two consecutive months

Yoshiki Shimoda