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Asian Economic Policy Review (Vol. 18 Issue 1)

Inequality, Social Justice and Welfare in Asia

2022-04/11* To be published in January, 2023

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Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER) launched an English journal entitled Asian Economic Policy Review (AEPR) in June 2006. The journal is published twice a year through John Wiley & Sons. Visit the journal website (Wiley Online Library) for more information.

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 The AEPR conference on the theme of “inequality, social justice, and welfare in Asia” was held online on April 8th, inviting domestic and foreign experts. At this conference, we actively discussed the current situation and future outlook for poverty and disparities in Asia. Discussions were held not only on the general situation in Asia, but also on the circumstances of individual countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The paper submitted to the conference will be revised based on the discussion, and will be published in January 2023 after being reviewed by the editor.

Articles under consideration to be published in this issue (Working Paper)

Editors’ Overview
 Cassey Lee (ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute)
 Takatoshi ITO (Columbia University)
 Kazumasa IWATA (Japan Center for Economic Research)
 Colin MCKENZIE (Keio University)
 Shujiro URATA (Waseda University)


What the Welfare State Left Behind-Securing the Capability to Move for the Vulnerable
Reiko GOTOH (Teikyo University)
Ryo KAMBAYASHI (Hitotsubashi University)

Social Justice and Affirmative Action in Malaysia: The New Economic Policy After 50 Years
Hwok-Aun LEE (ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute)

The Effects of Inequality at Local and Regional Levels on Trust in Social Economic, and Political Institutions: Evidence from Indonesia
Asep SURYAHADI (SMERU Research Institute)
Ridho Al IZZATI (SMERU Research Institute)
Daniel SURYADARMA (Asian Development Bank Institute)
Teguh DARTAMTP(Universitas Indonesia)

Structural and Regulatory Transformations in Thailand: An Institutional Analysis
Veerayooth KANCHOOCHAT (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS))

Income and Wealth Inequality in Asia and the Pacific: Trends, Causes, and Policy Remedies
Juzhong ZHANG (Fudan University)

Takatoshi ITO: Professor, Columbia University
Kazumasa IWATA: President, Japan Center for Economic Research
Shujiro URATA: Professor, Waseda University

Managing Editor
Colin MCKENZIE: Professor, Keio University

Associate Editors
Muhammad Chatib BASRI (Indonesia): Senior Lecturer, University of Indonesia
Hal HILL (Australia): Professor, Australian National University
Yiping HUANG (China): Professor, Peking University
Cassey LEE (Singapore): Senior Fellow, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute
Jong-Wha LEE (Korea): Professor, Korea University
Haruko NOGUCHI (Japan): Professor, Waseda University
Marcus NOLAND(USA): Executive Vice President and Director of Studies, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Somkiat TANGKITVANICH(Thailand): President, Thailand Development Research Institute