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Asian Economic Policy Review (Vol. 11 Issue 1)

The Economics of Sport in Asia

2016-01/26, Published

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Summary of this issue

 Sports are a massive economic and social phenomenon. The sports business is developing rapidly. It has both contributed to and shaped globalization. The Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup and other events have an enormous ideational influence on popular culture and public attitude. It sometimes moves the international relations. This issue addresses the topic of the economics of sports in Asia in several dimensions.

Articles in this issue

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Editors’ Overview
 Takatoshi ITO (Columbia University)
 Kazumasa IWATA (Japan Center for Economic Research)
 Colin MCKENZIE (Keio University)
 Marcus NOLAND (Peterson Institute for International Economics and the East‐West Center)
 Shujiro URATA (Waseda University)


Professional Asian Football Leagues and the Global Market
 Stefan SZYMANSKI (University of Michigan)

The Long‐Term Impacts of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games on Economic and Labor Market Outcomes
 Koyo MIYOSHOI (Aichi Gakuin University)
 Masaru SASAKI (Osaka University)

Asian Participation and Performance at the Olympic Games
 Marcus NOLAND (Peterson Institute for International Economics and the East‐West Center)
 Kevin STAHLER (Peterson Institute for International Economics)

A Business Analysis of Asian Baseball Leagues
 Hayley JANG (Sogang University)
 Young Hoon LEE (Sogang University)

Level the Playing Field to Bolster the Boardroom: Sports as a Springboard for Women’s Labor Force Advancement in Asia
 Barbara KOTCHSWAR (Peterson Institute for International Economics)
 Kevin STAHLER (Peterson Institute for International Economics)

Role of Sport in International Relations: National Rebirth and Renewal
 Victor CHA (Georgetown University)

Takatoshi Ito: Professor, Columbia University
Kazumasa Iwata: President, Japan Center for Economic Research
Shujiro Urata: Professor, Waseda University

Managing Editor
Colin McKenzie: Professor, Keio University and Sciences Po

Associate Editors
Mohamed Ariff (Malaysia): Distinguished Fellow, Malaysian Institute of Economic Research, and Professor, International Center for Education in Islamic Finance
Muhammad Chatib Basri (Indonesia): Senior Lecturer, University of Indonesia
Hal Hill (Australia): Professor, Australian National University
Yiping Huang (China): Professor, Peking University
Akira Kojima (Japan): Advisor, Japan Center for Economic Research
Jong-Wha Lee (Korea): Professor, Korea University
Marcus Noland (USA): Executive Vice President and Director of Studies, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Euston Quah (Singapore): Professor, Nanyang Technological University
Chalongphob Sussangkarn (Thailand): Distinguished Fellow, Thailand Development Research Institute
Akihiko Tanaka (Japan): Professor, The University of Tokyo