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Asia Research Asia Research Report (FY2019)

The North Korean Economy under Sanctions

Project Organizer:Atsushi IJUIN
  Lead Economist


This report was originally published in Japanese in April 2020. The original report is here.

Chapter 1 Economic and Diplomatic Battles Over Sanctions――North Korea’s New Two-Track Path in Facing Prolonged Negotiations
Chapter 2 Sluggish External Trade――As North Korea’s Dependence on China Nears Its Limits, Novel Coronavirus Emerges as a Risk
Chapter 3 Kim Jong-un’s Economic Reforms at a Crossroads――Initiatives for establishing a cabinet-led system
Chapter 4 North Korea’s Commodity Economy in Transition――Trade Fairs See Domestic Companies Competing on Quality and Chinese Companies Making Their Presence Felt
Chapter 5 The Positives and Negatives of North Korea’s Regional Economies――While Everyday Lives Are Improving, Delays in Rebuilding Heavy Industry Become Starkly Apparent
Chapter 6: Gradual Progress in Infrastructure Development at North Korea’s Border with China――Both Countries Preparing to Cooperate Once Sanctions Are Relaxed
Chapter 7 Food Issues Hold the Key to Self-Reliance―Strengthening the Agricultural Sector and Requesting International Support
Chapter 8 Diplomatic Games by Other Countries Over Tourism――North Korea’s Hints at Unilateral Development of Mount Kumgang Pose a Dilemma for South Korea


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