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Lead Economist

Specialty:Demographics and Long-term Issues in Japan

I am analyzing long-term challenges of the Japanese economy.
In particular, I am considering prescriptions for various problems associated with population aging and digitilization.
We value data observation and econometric analysis.


2014-23 Lead Economist
2012-13 Director, Economic Research Department, JCER
1998-04 Chief Economist, NIKKEI, Electronic Media Bureau
1983 Joined NIKKEI(Japan Economic Journal) at Databank Bureau
specialized in econometric forecasting
Recent Involvement in JCER’s Research Project:
2020- Medium-term Forecast
2018- Long-term Global Forecast
2017- Medium-term Forecast
2016-17 Forecasters’Survey
2013-15 Industrial Research
2014-15 “Era of Mega-Regionalism” Project
2012-14 Long-Term Global Forecast
Other Professional Experience:
2012-14 Lecturer of Introductory Economics, Rikkyo University.
2019- Lecturer of Introductory Econometrics, Graduate School of Takushoku University.
2018 Ph.D in Economics, Hosei University
2010-11 M.A. in Economics, Hosei University
1985-86 Special Student, Harvard Univ. Graduate School of Economics
1978-83 B.A. in Liberal Arts, University of Tokyo,

Papers. etc.

Medium-term Forecast, "Economy before and after the Coronavirus Crisis", July 2020.
Long-term Forecast, "2060 Digital & Global Economy"、January 2020.
"Inter-generational equity under Increasing longevity", in "Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Asia Pacific", ANU Press、August 2020.
"Maintain Position as a First-tier Nation. Establish National Targets to Stabilize Population Decline", JCER's Long-term Forecast, 2014.