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Senior Economist

Specialty:Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Forecasting


2014 B.Com. Waseda University
2016 M.A. (Economics) Waseda University
2016 – current (Ph.D student), Graduate School of Economics, Waseda University

Work Experience
Japan Center for Economic Research, 2019-current

Papers. etc.

Hasumi, Ryo and Yuto Kajita (2018). Boundary problem and data leakage: A caveat for wavelet-based forecasting. JCER Discussion Paper, 148.
Iiboshi, Hirokuni, Yasuharu Iwata, Yuto Kajita and Naoto Soma (2019). Time-varying Fiscal Multipliers Identified with Sign and Zero Restrictions: A Bayesian Approach to TVP-VAR-SV model (work-in-progress).
Kajita Yuto (2019). A Pitfall of Interest on Excess Reserves: A Perspective of Fiscal-Monetary Interaction (work-in-progress).
Kajita, Yuto and Kozo Ueda (2019). QE Effects on Prices through a Fiscal Channel (work-in-progress).
Conference and Seminar Presentations (Both Refereed and Unrefereed)
2019:DSGE Conference(Okinawa, March), Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society(Xiamen, June)
2018:Osaka University(Osaka, February), CPPE Annual Conference(Tokyo, March), Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society(Seoul, June), Annual Meeting of the Central Bank Research Association(Frankfurt, August), Japanese Economic Association Autumn Meeting(Tokyo, September)
2017:Japanese Economic Association Spring Meeting(Shiga, June), Singapore Economic Review Conference(Singapore, Augast)
2016:Waseda University(Tokyo, March)