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Senior Economist

Specialty:Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Macroeconometrics


2016 – current: Waseda University. Ph.D. Student in Economics (Main advisor: Kozo Ueda)
2014 – 2016: Waseda University. M.A. in Economics awarded March 2016
2010 – 2014: Waseda University. B.A. in Commerce awarded March 2014

Work Experience
Senior Economist, Japan Center of Economic Research, 2020 – 2022
Economist, Japan Center of Economic Research, 2019 – 2020

Papers. etc.

Kajita, Y. and Chung, W. (2021). Nowcasting Japanese GDP using Targeted Predictors, JCER Discussion Paper, 152.
Iiboshi, H., Iwata, Y., Kajita, Y. and Soma, N. (2019). Time-varying Fiscal Multipliers Identified with Sign and Zero Restrictions: A Bayesian Approach to TVP-VAR-SV model (work-in-progress).
Kajita, Y. (2019). A Pitfall of Interest on Excess Reserves: A Perspective of Fiscal-Monetary Interaction (work-in-progress).
Kajita, Y. and Ueda, K. (2019). QE Effects on Prices through a Fiscal Channel (work-in-progress).
Hasumi, R. and Kajita Y. (2018). Boundary problem and data leakage: A caveat for wavelet-based forecasting. JCER Discussion Paper, 148.
Conference and Seminar Presentations (Both Refereed and Unrefereed)
2020 JCER Macroeconomic Model Workshop (September, Webinar)
2019 DSGE Conference (Okinawa, March), Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society (Xiamen, June)
2018 Osaka University (Osaka, February), CPPE Annual Conference (Tokyo, March), Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society (Seoul, June), Annual Meeting of the Central Bank Research Association (Frankfurt, August), Japanese Economic Association Autumn Meeting (Tokyo, September)
2017 Japanese Economic Association Spring Meeting (Shiga, June), Singapore Economic Review Conference (Singapore, Augast)
2016 Waseda University (Tokyo, March)